From the streets of Milwaukee, Ben Mose’s early life is similar to that of many individuals who grew up in the hoods of America. At the age of 6 years old is when he discovered his love for music. Unfortunately, that did not save him from the influences of the streets. When he was 10 years old he began living the street life with neighborhood gangs and drug dealers.
Enduring various ups and downs in life he never gave up his love of music. He didn’t let his continuous trouble with the law and the constant call of the streets postpone him from his dreams of telling his story and the story’s of his peers through his music. Realizing that his friends and family believed in him at times more than he believed in himself, is when he began taking music seriously. He knows that this call on his life is more than just a dream, it is his destiny. Today we find Ben very active on the music scene, from songwriting to putting out his own music. Make sure you keep an active eye on him, he has a lot to offer the music world.